Muca Copatarica ~ Cat Shoemaker

For our final we had to demonstrate that we know how to rig our characters. There was no set theme, so we could do whatever we wanted.
I chose to do something that reminds me of home; a story about a Cat Shoemaker. Instead of making a book illustration, I brought Cat to life.
I short synopsis of a story for those who are not familiar with it:
Children from Little Village (Mala vas) never put their shoes (sleepers) away. Their moms would warn them that Muca Copatarica would take them, but children would not obey. One night Muca really took them, so the following day the children left to search for her home. They went into the forest where they saw a white house with a red rooftop, and on the door was a sign: Muca Copatarica. They knocked on the door and Muca invited them in. Her house was all cleaned up and everything was in order. Even the shoes were neatly put on shelves, all in different colours, all patched up. Children found their shoes and happily walked back home.
Kdo ne pozna zgodbe o Muci Copatarici? Za svoj koncni filmcek smo morali demonstrirati, da znamo uporabljati "rigging." Tema je bila karkoli in lahko smo naredili kar smo zeleli.
Jaz sem se odlocila, da bom naredila nekaj kar me spominja na dom, nekaj domacega. Izbrala sem zgodbo o Muci Copatarici in namesto ilustracije izdelala zivo Muco.


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