Idrija Bobbin Lace

Traditional art of Slovenia - Idrija (pronounce Idria) Bobbin Lace. Idrija is a small town in the East of Slovenia where used to be a great mercury mine. It still is there, but it doesn't flourish as it used to. Wives of the miners would develop their own style of lace, called Idrija lace. Not many women in Slovenia knows how to make lace, but if you look at it it is beautiful!

It takes a lot of patience and a very observant eye to complete beautiful work of art: bobbin lace. I enjoy making lace, because I like using my hands when I create.
Tradicionalna idrijska čipka: klekljarice potrebujejo ogromno potrpljenja in dobro oko. Rada izdelujem čipke, ker obožujem ročna dela!


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